Four Reasons You Really Need a Spare Car Key

Your car dealer will give you your new keys and leave your new car to you once you have finally purchased it. However, most of the times, people tend to forget one important aspect. That is making a copy of the key.

Here are several reasons why car owners really need a spare car key:


Losing the Keys to Your Vehicle

At some point in their lives, people will misplace their keys. Whether it is their car key or home key, they tend to forget where they put it last. That is why, by having a spare key that you have made for cases like this, you can always ensure that you can still get to where you need to go when you lose your keys. In addition to that, creating a new key can cost you a lot and will consume a lot of your time.


Locking Your Keys in the Vehicle

This situation happens to almost every car owner unless you’ve got a smart key that makes it impossible to lock your keys inside the vehicle.

A spare car key can help ease the anxiety and stress that a car lockout may give. Having a spare car key will provide you an affordable way to gain access back into your car without doing any damage on it. In addition to that, it will also mean that you won’t be stranded for a long period of time. You may end up contacting a 24-hour emergency locksmith if you don’t have a spare key at times like this.

Duplicating Keys is Much Simpler than Creating New Ones

If you’ve got one that a locksmith can duplicate, creating a new key is much simpler if you have damaged or lost your car key. A locksmith can utilize the shape to make a new copy within minutes if you’ve got a spare. But, a professional locksmith can still make a new key if you do not have a spare. However, the cost will be much higher.


Your Smart Key Battery Dies

Almost every car owner does not have smart key batteries lying around their vehicle. Also, it’s possible that a remote will have to be reprogrammed after replacing a battery. If you have a spare, you can continue utilizing your car until you can get your original smart key reprogrammed with the new battery.

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Four Reasons You Really Need a Spare Car Key
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