Microchip Car Keys – Fact vs. Fiction

Transponder keys, commonly known as microchip car keys, are devised to keep your vehicle safe. These keys rely on unique codes a vehicle must identify. The vehicle will not start without this key and correct programming. Vehicles relying on these keys are becoming more common. 

Here are several facts and fiction about microchip car keys.


You Can Buy a Microchip Car Key Online

Well, this is a bit true. You can purchase one online. However, whenever you buy a microchip car key online, you’re probably going to end up getting scammed. You might buy one that will work just fine in the start but almost every single one of them will stop working after several weeks or days and you’ll end up spending more cash to purchase a new key.


Transponder Keys Can Be Disabled Easily

This isn’t true. A lot of individuals think that high-tech robbers or vandals can utilize advanced equipment to disable their transponder keys and steal their vehicles. However, that isn’t true. While transponder vehicles can be disabled, that will need a unique tool that only a certified dealership or locksmith can have. A thief might not have this unique tool needed to disable a transponder key.


You Can Get Only One Transponder Key Every Vehicle

Since coding can work with a single vehicle, it makes microchip keys extremely secure. Maybe this feature is the reason why a lot of individuals think there can only be one microchip key per car. Well, the truth is that some microchip keys can be programmed to work for a single car. Manufacturers will enable several programming codes each car and that covers the number of replacement keys. What really matters is that your transponder key has a unique code that works only for your vehicle.


Only the Car Manufacturer Can Program
a Transponder Car Key

Almost every individual thinks that a transponder key is much secured since only the manufacturer can program it. Dealers and manufacturers have the correct software and equipment to reprogram transponder keys. However, a reliable and certified car locksmith company can also program these keys. The best thing is that you’ll pay much less while getting the same high-quality workmanship. You can always rely on a professional locksmith for a high-quality and fast microchip car key programming service. If you want to reprogram yours, contact your locksmith today.

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Microchip Car Keys
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