Pros and Cons of Keyless Entry for Your Car

Today, technology across the globe is advancing at a fast pace. Of course, cars are also included in these advancements. Now, a lot of vehicles have an additional feature called keyless entry. This safety feature will require the key fob to be in the possession of the owner. However, it doesn’t really need the owner to utilize the fob to start or open the vehicle. 

Here are several advantages and disadvantages of keyless entry for your car.


Pros: Ease of Operating Keyless Entry

Unlocking your car is now very easy thanks to keyless entry. The trunk and doors can be unlocked as long as you have your key fob and you are within the proper range of your car. Just press the button and you can gain entry.


Cons: Potential Safety Issue

Unfortunately, the strengths of a person or item might be their weakness. With the advantage of having the ease to operate your car, it can also be its disadvantage.

Since vehicles that feature keyless entry often also come with remote start capability, car owners might start their vehicles unknowingly while the car is within a closed space, such as a garage. This could pose a risk for carbon monoxide poisoning to happen. But, you can easily prevent this potentially risky threat by ensuring that you put your fob or keys where they can’t be operated accidentally.


Pros: Added Security

Burglars can’t utilize your key and create a copy of it to steal other cars. Your keyless entry needs special code to start the vehicle. This code can be found in the key fob. The key fob can’t be reprogrammed for another device once it is programmed.

To authorize the use of the electronic and driving capabilities of your vehicle, your unique electronic key fob is needed. This works since your car identifies the unique code that’s in the transponder.


Cons: The Price

While keyless technology keeps making the life of an individual more secure and easier, it can cost a lot. Push-button start and keyless fobs are included in a lot of car packages. However, it might need to be replaced or repaired over time, just like any parts of your car.

Of course, it can cost you a lot of money to repair an electrical and huge system. Losing your key fob can also cost you a fortune. Unluckily, reprogramming a key fob can cost you more than a traditional key.

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Pros and Cons of Keyless Entry for Your Car
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