The Best Locks to Secure Your Home

The world is not a safe place. It will never be. That is why you just can’t leave your doors unlocked. It will never give you peace of mind. Choosing the best locks for each door is important since your door is the easiest access to your home for thieves and burglars. However, unless you know all your options, knowing the right way to secure your house can be overwhelming. 


Electronic Keypad Locks

Essentially, Electronic keypad locks are deadbolts. However, instead of keys, it utilizes several number code combinations. Though they’re more expensive than other locks, you won’t have to worry about locking yourself outside your home. Also, the security level is extremely high.

Electronic keypad locks are becoming more and more popular among homeowners. These locks can work with your devices. For the lock to be engaged, they will need wireless communication. Also, keypad locks can just be electronic. This means that they require electricity to run.


Doorknob Lock

The doorknob lock is the most basic of all the locks. These locks have knobs on each side of the door. The one side has the keyhole and the other has the lock. These are popular on every household door. However, it should be ideally limited to indoor privacy uses.

Using external force, doorknob locks can be damaged easily. The locking mechanism is easily accessible once the knob is damaged. This leaves your house vulnerable. Unless used together with a secondary lock, doorknob locks aren’t secure enough for exterior door uses.


Cylindrical Lever Lock

Cylindrical lever locks have lever-type handles. These levers make exiting and entering a lot easier. This type of lock is best for handicap access. Also, they’re more secure and attractive than regular doorknob locks. Cylindrical lever locks are suggested for interior doors and not for exterior doors since these locks do not utilize keys.


Deadbolt Lock

The widely-used and most popular security lock for houses is deadbolt locks. They are called “deadbolt” since they aren’t spring-loaded, unlike other locks.

Deadbolts utilize a metal bolt. This bolt will slide into the door jam. One type of deadbolt lock is the single-cylinder style. This type offers easy exit in the case of an emergency since it is only keyed on one side. Also, since it offers a high-security level, single-cylinder deadbolts are preferred by a lot of homeowners.

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The Best Locks to Secure Your Home
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