What is a Smart Key (Also Known as a Keyless Ignition System)?

A smart key, also known as a keyless ignition system is a type of electronic access of an entry and ignition system that is available as a standard or an option in some vehicles. 

Even though smart keys have been around for many years and are available on all makes and models of cars, there are several concerns about security and safety.


What is Smart Key?

A smart key, also known as a keyless ignition system typically consists of a FOB or a key fob, which takes over the tasks of a traditional metal key. Whenever the driver tries to start the car, verification of the right device is electronically done. It is typically done by turning a rotary switch or pushing a button.

This system is a passive RFID. This means that the car conveys a code from its computer to the ignition chip. After the ignition chip gets the code, it will provide the operator with complete access to the car, only if it identifies the code.

To make things simple, the car engine should start and you can drive the vehicle whenever you flip the start switch or press the start button as long as your Smart Key fob is inside your car.


Are All Smart Keys The Same?

Smart key systems vary throughout manufacturers and models. The most common ones are push buttons. However, there are rotary switches that you have to rotate, just like the old-style ignition switch that’s turned using a key. Also, there are rocker-type switches that you have to flip.

In addition to that, systems also vary in the alerts sent to the driver if a risky condition happens. For instance, a message will be sent to you if you leave the car with the engine running, or if you forget to put the transmission in “park” before you shut down the engine.


The Risks of Using These Systems

There are several safety concerns about these systems. Here are some of them:
1. If you forget to turn off the engine without putting your car in “park”, there is a high possibility that your car will roll away into another car or a person.
2. If you do put your car in “park”, but unintentionally leave the engine running, you are in a great risk of carbon monoxide poisoning in a closed area, such as your garage.

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What is a Smart Key
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