What Is a VIN Number & Why Do Locksmiths Need It

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN#) of your car is a type of ID that enables both the auto mechanics and you to exactly know where it has been and what has been fixed. It is composed of 17 characters that are given to the vehicle when it was manufactured. During the lifetime of the car, these numbers will not change at all. 

The VIN number is special. It tracks all the things that happen to the vehicle during usage. It was during 1981 when the first standardized VIN system was established. After then, it has been utilized up until today. The combinations of the characters are representative of several automobile identifiers.  For instance, the first 3 characters are the world manufacturer identifier code (WMI).


Where to Look For the VIN?

On your car, there are 2 areas where you can look for the VIN. The first place to search is at the top of your dashboard, on the driver’s side of the car. You can see it just before where the dashboard meets the windshield.

The other area where the VIN can be located is again on the driver’s side of the vehicle. It can be located inside the door’s post, near where the door latches when closed.


Why is Your VIN Significant?

Just by utilizing your VIN, vital car details can be relayed or identified. Here are several things you can do with your VIN:

1.) You can determine a stolen vehicle.
2.) You can examine the history report on a used car.
3.) To match the right replacements, repair parts need the VIN.
4.) Duplicate car keys need the VIN, aside from the key identification.

The VIN isn’t the only vital piece of information required for a locksmith to create a duplicated car key. There’s an alphanumeric code required that’s directly printed on the key in order for a professional to replicate a key. This is also known as the key number, key code, or key identification number.

Bitting codes and blind codes are the 2 categories of key codes. However, the blind code is the most common one.


Creating a Duplicate Key

The VIN is vital to a professional locksmith for determining you as the car’s owner. It is also vital for making duplicate keys.

Aside from needing the VIN, a professional locksmith will also ask about the car registration number, car information, personal ID, and your location.

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What Is a VIN Number
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