What is an Electromagnetic Lock?

From the name itself, an electromagnetic lock is a type of lock that utilizes magnets to secure and open a huge range of things. This includes hidden compartments and doors. Magnetic locks can provide a very secure system that can’t be picked. They can also provide seamless concealment of compartment or door. It’s a very strong force.

However, a lock that uses magnet to hold shut a door must have a way to turn off; else you can’t open it again. That’s why the locks are structured differently. An electromagnetic lock utilizes electricity to make a metal magnetic for a particular period of time. 


Electromagnetic Lock

For those who do not know, an electromagnet is a magnet that’s produced whenever electricity is moved via a wire with several coils around an iron core. The metal wire isn’t magnetized anymore whenever the electricity is disrupted.


Magnetic Keyed Lock

A magnetic keyed lock doesn’t depend on current to secure the device. It’s a passive system that only needs a key that has a permanent magnet. The difficulty of these forms of locks can depend from one product to another. Several magnetic keyed locks simply need a single magnet to open them. Using a single magnet doesn’t offer a lot of protection by itself. However, it is ideal for concealing things.


Magnetic-Coded Lock

This type of lock utilized traditional teeth and grooves to set tumblers and pin. However, these locks also have a set of magnets that are pulling and pushing magnetic pins to the shear line. It’s a combination of several various security systems that build up to a lock that’s almost impossible to pick. Having access to the key is the only way to really defeat a magnetic-coded lock. However, this can be applied to all locks.


Standard vs. Magnetic Locks

When it comes to all features of security, locks are almost the same. The functionality of a lock is going to vary on the needs of the individual, just like safes. Security is going to be affected by the functionality. This can also mean that security may sacrifice the usability of the lock.

Magnetic locks are an excellent addition to the security industry. They offer some extremely special security systems that were not available before. It also enhances some of the current features of the traditional technology. If you want to install one, contact your professional locksmith.

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What is an Electromagnetic Lock
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